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Hello!  My name is Emily and I am the brain behind this site.  I’m a lover of tea, candles, and books, especially when enjoyed while curled up with my cat, George.  Music is incredibly important to me, as are my amazing and supportive family and friends..  I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing the guitar, and eating apples.  I jump in puddles.  I stay up late.  I run.  I take pictures.  And now, I write a blog.

I’ve always had a love for writing, particularly poetry, but have always had a fear of sharing what I wrote with anyone.  No matter how proud I was of what I created, I struggled with feeling comfortable putting it out into the world where anyone could read it.  After a lot of reflection, I realized how ridiculous I was for taking something I’m so passionate about and keeping it to myself.  The best way I could think to combat this was to do just the opposite – put whatever I wrote out into the world.  So here it is – the inner workings of an introvert’s brain.  I hope that while you’re here you find something of value to you, whether it’s inspiration, hope, or something else entirely.  The whole goal of this is to connect with others through writing and help me overcome some of my fears.  Thank you for helping me achieve this goal.  I appreciate you stopping by, and I hope you enjoy what you find!